Jackson Pollock Inspired Splatter Painting!

It's never too early to introduce your children or students to the beauty of fine art and the inspirational work of famous artists. Allie of No Time For Flash Cards suggests taking a field trip to an actual art museum then re-creating some of the childrens' favorite works! An easy style to adapt to your kids' or students' differing ability levels is inspired by Jackson Pollock's splatter paint.

Supplies You'll Need
- Cardboard, heavy art paper, or canvas
- Craft paint in assorted colors
- Kid's paint brushes

Before beginning the activity, transfer your paint into shallow containers and thin it out with a few drops of water. Also, designate an area of the classroom or schoolyard for this project, prepping the area with drop cloths or old sheets to minimize messes. In the week leading up to the craft, it may be prudent to inform parents of your project intentions so they can send a set of old clothes. With the area, the supplies, and you're students properly prepped, you're ready to begin. Demonstrate how to carefully dip the paint brush into the paint and "fling" it at the blank paper. In the age of Harry Potter and other mystical pop culture characters, Allie suggests telling your students to "put a spell on the paper" in order to help them get the correct flinging motion.

Be sure to show your students pictures of Jackson Pollock's work and discuss how he made his paintings while you work. This messy activity is sure to spark your students' interest in fine art!

Fine Art Friday – Field Trip | No Time For Flash Cards

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