Independence Day Wand

While Memorial Day has since passed, Independence Day is right around the corner and this patriotic want provided by Allison of Family Education is the perfect compliment to the celebration!

Supplies You'll Need
- Dowel rod
- Red sparkle chenille stem
- White and blue party streamers
- Craft scissors
- Tape Start but pre-cutting the streamers into strips that are equal in length. As Allison says, they can be short or long, it really just depends on what you want. Provide your students with a piece of tape, placing it sticky side up at their work space, and instruct them to place streamers along one edge. Next, have your students roll the tape (there should still be an exposed sticky edge) around the dowel rod. Lastly, provide them with a red chenille stem and invite them to wind it around the handle of the dowel rod. Not only will they have created a fun patriotic prop, the project will certainly inspire active play as the students will enjoy dancing, spinning, and jumping to see the streamers blow in the 'wind'.

Patriotic Wand Mom's Parenting Blog by Allison McDonald - FamilyEducation

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