I Moustache You To Be My Valentine - Art Activity with FREE Printables

Moustache Valentine's Day Activity for Kids
Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

If you haven't already jumped on the 'moustache' bandwagon, now's the time! It seems the cute play-on-words moustache theme is popping up everywhere and is exactly why we loved this Valentine's Day idea featured by Abby over at The Inspired Apple.

I Moustache You To Be My Valentine

You'll want to start by finding a handlebar moustache clip art image online. Then use this image to cut the moustache out of black construction paper and glue it onto a popsicle stick. Next up, take a picture of all your kiddos holding the moustache! Be sure to do this several days in advance so you have time to get the pictures developed.

Valentine's Picture with Handlebar Moustache
Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

With your developed pictures in hand, have your students complete the FREE worksheet provided by Abby. This is a great opportunity for your kiddos to work on writing a simple sentence with quotation marks!

Moustache Valentine's Day Printable Worksheet
Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

After the worksheets are complete, have your students cut out the pieces from the worksheet and glue them onto a piece of red contruction paper (you could also use pink, white or purple), along with their super cute photos. Abby also added a large heart doily to enhance the Valentine's Day appeal. SUPER cute!