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Posted on August 16, 2011 | By kayla
Literacy and Reading Comprehension Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.sugarbeecrafts.com

We thought these story blocks from Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts would be a great way to inspire early readers - getting them involved in the story and even inspiring a bit of creativity! Simply use a color copy machine to copy pages/characters from your favorite book {or find color images online} and follow Mandy's story block process at Oopsey Daisy to create a set of your own. Once complete, have your kiddos use them to...

  • Retell the story, focusing on a specific part of the book {beginning, middle, or end}. This is great for sequencing practice and for assessing reading comprehension.
  • Discuss the story, focusing on a specific element {characters, setting, climax, etc}. This is another great activity for assessing reading comprehension.
  • Create a tale of their own using their knowledge of the characters.

Be sure to head on over to Oopsey Daisy for the directions!

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