Homemade Classroom Lanterns

Recycled Classroom Decoration
Photo Source: vallys-creations.blogspot.com

These adorable 'lanterns' from Vally at Vally's Creations would make a perfect fall decoration (if you painted them in bright oranges & golds and drew pumpkins, leaves, etc. on them) or even create cute 'learning tools' for the classroom. Simply replace the candles with battery operated tea lights and you're set! Here are a few learning ideas...

  • Send your kiddos on a "twilight" scavenger hunt to find hidden items in the classroom.
  • Set a lantern on each child's desk, inviting them to journal by "candlelight" for a fun and unique effect. Who knows, it may just become your journaling tradition!
  • For younger learners, script letters on the lanterns and place them around the room. Have your students take turns finding various letters as you call them out, or simply hunting the lanterns down, one by one, and lining them up in alphabetical order.
  • Use them for pretend play. For example, go on a 'camp out', gathering around the 'fire' in your 'sleeping bags' and describing the things you might hear, see, smell, etc. This is a great way to encourage creativity and ignite imaginations!
When not using them, simply set them around the classroom to add a pop of color to the room! Be sure to head on over to Vally's Creations for the full tutorial!