Halloween Literature Unit: Little Critter’s Halloween

mercer mayer's childrens book little critter{Kimberly L. Short, lesson plan contributor to Educator’s Reference Desk, has designed an exciting Halloween themed reading unit that your kindergartners are sure to enjoy. Designed to explore several literature selections over sixteen days, here are a few highlights!}

Not only will your students recognize the character of Short's next literature selection - Mercer Mayer's beloved Little Critter - they'll certainly be able to identify with the story as well!

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn about and be able to recognize different emotions.
  • Discuss how our moods can be affected by our feelings.
  • Strengthen writing skills.

In the story, Little Critter goes from grumpy to happy. Create a columned organizational chart with several emotion headings (e.g. "Grumpy", "Happy", "Sad", "Mad", etc.). Invite your students to brainstorm things that can evoke these emotions. Additionally, discuss how these feelings can affect our overall mood and how we interact with people and the world around us. Consider having your students create "feeling" books in the following format:exercise to learn about different emotions

This exercise will help your students better understand their emotions and how these feelings present themselves when interacting with others and the world.

For Short's activity suggestions, be sure to visit her full post!