Ghost Literacy Center Ideas

Ghost Themed Halloween Literacy Centers and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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If your kiddos need some letter practice, check out this adorable ghost themed alphabet activity from Michelle over at Apples and ABCs. Inexpensive and simple to put together, we think it would be a great addition to your Halloween lesson plans!

Activity ideas...

  • Create a set of upper case and lower case letter ghosts, inviting your kiddos to create matches. You might also simply place all the ghosts in a cauldron and have your students sort the cutouts into upper and lower case letters.
  • Have students practice placing the ghosts in alphabetical order.
  • Invite students to use the alphabet ghosts to create CVC words or focus sight words.
  • Print letters and/or sight words on the ghost cutouts and place them in a cauldron. On their turn, have students select a ghost from the pot. If they can identify the letter or sight word, the student gets to keep the ghost. If they cannot, the cutout goes back into the cauldron and the next player gets a turn. When all the ghosts have been drawn from the pot, the student who has collected the most cutouts, wins!

These are just a few ideas for using these adorable ghost cutouts! For this, and lots of other great lesson ideas, be sure to visit Apples and ABCs!