Getting Artsy Outdoors - Lots of Great Projects!

Here in Northeast Ohio the weather has begun to change and we thought it appropriate to highlight some of the fun artsy activities you can do outside {before it's too late!}. We were thrilled to happen upon this article by Catherine Oehlman, creator of the site, SquiggleMum, and guest blogger at Childhood 101. She offers tons of fantastic ideas for getting creative in the great outdoors! We especially loved...

Outdoor Fine Motor Weaving Craft for Kids
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Nature Weavings

What a phenomenal concept! Simply wrap yarn/string around a large piece of cardboard and go on a treasure hunt for long leaves, feathers, pieces of bark, flowers, and other natural items to weave through the string. These turned out spectacular!

Outdoor Science Craft for Kids
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Leaf Rubbings

Making leaf rubbings is one of our favorite outdoor crafts, but Catherine takes it to a whole new level by having her kiddos use the leaves to create other objects, animals, etc. We just adore these butterflies and love the added creativity! Of course, for older students, creating various leaf rubbings in a science journal and using the prints to determine what types of leaves were discovered is also a viable and rewarding exercise!

These are just two of the 20 projects Catherine talks about in her article, 20 Ways To Get Artsy Outdoors, at Childhood 101 - don't miss out on her other suggestions!