Gardening Writing Center Activities for Spring

kindergarten spring gardening writing center activity
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To go along with your spring gardening theme {and "Encourage a Young Writer Day"!}, we thought we'd share some great gardening writing center activities we found at Kelly's Kindergarten.

My Seed Book

Set out Kelly's interactive emergent reader printable, inviting your students to cut out the gardening and other vocabulary words {planted, raked, watered, forgot, went, away} and glue them to the correct page. Where there are writing spaces, have your students practice using and scripting the common sight word "it". While the pictures will help guide your students through the story, it might also be nice to complete an example book, presenting it at the beginning of the week so that students know what to expect when completing the writing center activity.

My Gardening Journal

Have your students make special gardening journals using laminated seed packets for the covers {see our previous post on playing card and recycled valentine journals for directions/inspiration!}. Each day, have students complete a prompt:

  • What is your favorite fruit?
  • What is your favorite vegetable?
  • What would you like to grow in your garden?
  • Pretend that you planted a magic seed. Tell what happened!
  • Describe what a gardener needs to do to make seeds grow.

Kelly suggests creating a prompt sheet that students can cut apart and paste into their journal each day. {She offers a free printable with the above prompts on her site!}

We hope these writing center activities will help your students connect with the unit and be inspired to continue writing at school and home!