"Future Greats!" - Patriotic Silhouette Craft

President's Day patriotic silhouette keepsake and craft
Photo Source: I can teach my child!

Today is President's Day, a day to commemorate our nation's past greats including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We found this fantastic patriotic silhouette craft {so fitting!} at I can teach my child! and just had to share! Not only will this make a great keepsake, it will remind your students that they too can aspire to greatness!

Supplies You'll Need

Before beginning the craft...

For this craft you'll need a picture of each student's profile. Either set aside time in class (ahead of time!) to take each child's picture, or send a letter home (containing an example) and ask parents to take the picture of their child, print off a copy, and send it in. If you have parents do it, remind them that the print doesn't have to be spectacular quality or on photo paper, the profile silhouette just needs to be visible and will work just fine if printed on regular computer paper.

To complete the craft...

Have students begin by carefully cutting out their profile silhouette from the print. They'll use this and a white colored pencil to trace a second silhouette onto black construction paper to be cut out. Setting this aside, provide students with blue and red construction paper and invite them to cut several stars and stripes to attach to their card stock or canvas. With this accomplished, mount the silhouette in the center of the paper and you'll have a patriotic silhouette keepsake perfect for commemorating the past and future greats of our nation!

I can teach my child!: Future Presidents?