Fun with Window Crayons & Markers

Whether you want to spice up old lesson material with new 'tricks', create a unique play experience, or introduce a new art medium into the mix, window markers or crayons may just be the ticket. Purchased from your local or online teacher supply store {or even from Walmart!}, these versatile tools are sure to ignite your creativity! Here are a few of our favorite project ideas:

using window crayons and markers to practice writing
Photo Source: I can teach my child!

Window Writing

It should go without saying that window crayons and markers were designed to be used on the surface of a window {we said it, just in case!}. If you have access to a bank of windows in your classroom or learning center, consider setting these fantastic tools out for students to discover. Of course, you'll need to go over a few rules {i.e. no writing on walls, door frames, etc.}, but drawing and writing vertically is a great way to help beginning writers learn how to hold a pencil correctly and develop the fine motor skills necessary for writing. For older students, have them use these tools in a variety of ways:

  • Instead of writing homework problems on the board, invite them to display their work and answers on the windows.
  • When comparing and contrasting literature, scientific findings, etc., have students create their Venn diagrams on the windows instead of poster paper.
  • Invite students to use the windows during free time to work homework problems, etc.
  • The possibilities are truly endless!
using window crayons and markers to practice writing skills
Photo Source: Simple. Messy. Fun!

Picture Frame Writing

For less conspicuous practice and classroom exercises, prepare several blank picture frames for students to write on {making the activity similar to using desk dry erase boards}. Find relatively inexpensive frames and make a class set to use during group instruction, or create just a few to store in the writing center, etc. for individual practice and use. While the smaller space limits the type of data that can be displayed on the board, students can still use these in a variety of ways -younger students will love drawing pictures, practicing letter formation, writing sight words, doing simple math problems, and even writing simple sentences. Older students can use these to run through homework/practice problems, display answers during review sessions, and so much more!

Unique Playscapes & Art

using window crayons to create unique learning experiences
Photo Source: No Time For Flash Cards & Tired, Need Sleep

Last, but not least, you can use window markers and crayons to create some fantastic play and art experiences in the classroom. At No Time For Flash Cards, Allie used these graphic art tools and some reusable stickers to design a window 'roadway' playscape. You could also design a farm, vet, circus, and a whole host of other playscapes for your students to explore! The theme could change each week! At Tired, Need Sleep, Nicole had her children explore the effect of window crayons on aluminum foil to create fantastic snowscapes and more!

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