Fun with Rainbows - Painted Rainbow Prints

{Rainbows are fun at any time of year, but they seem to be perfect for spring ~ perhaps as part of a weather unit or even as a fun transition from St. Patrick's Day festivities. There are so many fun and colorful projects floating around and we thought we'd pass some of them along for your inspiration folder or even as a compliment to your lesson plans!}

Spring Weather Rainbow Kids Craft
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Cindy Hopper, creator of Skip To My Lou and feature contributor at Alphamom, designed this fun rainbow printing project that offers a fun look at ordering and symmetry! Not to mention, she recommends using glamour dust glitter as a finishing touch - what adult kid doesn't like glitter?!

Supplies You'll Need

Before beginning, discuss the natural ordering component of rainbows - Roy G. Biv {of course!} - then get to printing! Younger kiddos will be amazed to see what happens when they unfold their papers; in effect, they've 'copied' their work!

For the full tutorial - materials suggestions, techniques, and much more - be sure to visit Cindy's craft feature at Alphamom!

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