Fun Story Props for Retelling The 3 Little Pigs!

Children's Literature and Reading Preschool Lesson Plan
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We just adore this interactive retelling of The 3 Little Pigs created by Lorie over at Reading Confetti! With the cutesy and colorful handmade elements, as well as an opportunity for your preschoolers to help the story along, we're certain this will be a hit with the kiddos!

We thought it was cute that Lorie and her son added a line to the story, speculating that the wolf "eventually wandered off to have grilled cheese for dinner instead." As a fun way to keep the creativity rolling {each retelling will be unique after all!}, invite your preschoolers to do the same, making up real or imagined dishes the wolf might have enjoyed. A ketchup and pickle sandwich. Buttercream frosted meatloaf. Sauteed Spam with summer squash salsa and Skittle salad. {Try a little alliteration perhaps?} You name it!

For instructions on making the props and an adorable sample retelling, be sure to visit Reading Confetti!