Friendship Unit - Things That Go Together

{If you're looking to do a unit about friendship and community, here are a few kinder-tested activities that we know will be a hit in the classroom!}

Friendship Kindergarten Lesson PlanIntroduce your friendship unit with this fun activity that tests your students' knowledge of things that commonly go together - ketchup and mustard, cookies and milk, socks and shoes, etc.

Supplies You'll Need

First, brainstorm a list of pairs... ketchup and mustard, cookies and milk, socks and shoes, peanut butter and jelly, cake and ice cream, fork and spoon, bat and ball, spaghetti and meatballs, hammer and nails, birthday and presents, salt and pepper, thunder and lightening, king and queen, prince and princess, etc! ...using word processing software and free clip art images online to create flash cards. Cut the cards apart, laminating them {optional} to reduce wear and tear, then punch a hole in the top of each and attach them to the expanding file pocket with binder rings. [NOTE: To set up the activity, place a weighted object in the expanded pocket file adding a staple to the top of each side so the folder will stand up by itself!]

We think this is a fun way to introduce the concept of friendship! After your kiddos have worked through the various pairs, you might even invite them to come up with their own...