Find-A-Rainbow Day Activities

April 3rd is 'Find-A-Rainbow Day' so we tried to scare up a few cute activities for you to try with your kiddos, just in case you needed an excuse to add a bit of color to your classroom and lessons!

rainbow preschool math game
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Roll-A-Rainbow Game

Strengthen counting skills, review color and color word recognition, build numeral recognition, and 'fine tune' those fine motor skills needed to pluck and place candy math manipulatives with this fun game from Katherine at Katherine Marie Photography. Students roll two dice {for more of a challenge}, determine the number of dots, check the key for the correlating numeral and color, and place the appropriately colored candy on their rainbow game board. The only downside to this game - your students may eat all the 'markers' before they get their rainbow built! [NOTE: Stick around and peruse Katherine's full post for more phenomenal rainbow activities!]

spider preschool color match game
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Spider Color Match

Emily of Snails and Puppy Dog Tails developed this adorable spider color match that will help your kiddos practice problem solving, develop visual discrimination, and review colors. [NOTE: To add in color word practice, switch out the colored dots on the webs, for color word labels.] Along with these skills, your students will also strengthen fine motor skills as they craft their spider game pieces! If spiders aren't your specialty, consider creating colored frogs to match to lily pads, caterpillars to place next to the appropriate chrysalis, or even ladybugs and matching leaves!

preschool rainbow sensory bottles
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Rainbow Sensory Bottles

For some relaxed fun, set out these rainbow sensory bottles from Deborah at Teach Preschool. Your students will have a blast as they order, shake, roll, line up, stack, and explore these exciting new materials. As Deborah observed, your students will also cultivate communication and social skills as they interact with each other during play.

Hope you enjoy the selections and have fun incorporating 'Find-A-Rainbow' Day into your classroom activities!