Festive 4th of July Sparklers

Looking for a simple yet festive 4th of July craft? Marie from Make and Takes provides just the craft!

Supplies You'll Need
- Red and blue chenille stems
- White sparkle stems

For each individual sparkler you'll need 2 blue chenille stems, 2 red chenille stems, and 4 white sparkle stems so plan accordingly. Explain to your students that the white sparkle stems will create the "fire" of the sparkler and that the red/blue chenille stems will create the "handle", instructing them to separate their stems into two piles. With the white sparkle stems laying flat on the table (parallel to the top of the desk), invite your students to find the middle and wrap their "handle" stems around it (perpendicular to the sparkle stems). Done properly, your students will have created a "T" shape (the top will be longer). Next, have your students bend the white sparkle stems so that they stick straight up, then begin to twist the red and blue chenille stems together. Once completed, twist the white sparkle stems to make sure they're secure then fan them out and begin bending them to look like sparklers!

This craft doesn't take a lot of preparation or skill, but will bring the excitement of Independence day into the classroom (without the fire hazard!).

4th of July Pipe Cleaner Sparklers | Make and Takes

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