Fall Leaves That Sparkle

Photo Source: Flickr | lilies and bees | Britney M

What toddler or preschooler doesn't enjoy using glitter? That's what Jennifer, creator of the blog Ramblings of a Crazy Woman, thought when she designed this simple, yet festive fall leaf craft!

Supplies You'll Need

First things first, you'll need to take your tots on a nature adventure! Take them on a tour around the schoolyard and invite them to collect *two* of their favorite fall leaves. Not only will this give your students practical experience with numbers and counting (however small), it will give them a specific goal to fulfill which is important in keeping young children on task! Back in the classroom, set up the workspace. Provide students with shallow baking dishes or plastic trays (great to keep on hand for keeping messes in check!), small containers of glitter, a shallow dish of school glue, a foam paint brush, and a piece of wax paper. Demonstrate the process:

  1. Paint glue on one side of the wax paper.
  2. Position a leaf on the glue. Allow the glue to set just a bit.
  3. Paint glue onto the leaf and the other side of the wax paper.
  4. Select a color of glitter and sprinkle it over the leaf and the glue on the wax paper.
  5. Fold the excess (now glittered) wax paper over top the leaf and press it flat. Set aside to dry.
  6. When glue has set, trim around the outside edges of the leaf.

Encourage your students to repeat this process with their second leaf. Offer help if they ask (or if you observe they require it!), but use their second creation as a test of their memory and ability to follow directions.

When all the glitter leaves have dried, use them as window decorations, string them together to create a beautiful garland, hand them from the ceiling at different heights for beautiful falling leaves, or incorporate them into a bulletin board! The possibilities truly are endless!