Fabric Painting in Preschool

Looking for a fun back-to-school project for your preschoolers or kindergartners to do? How about fabric painting t-shirts! Not only will it provide your students with a new art experience, these shirts, if kept at school, can be used as personalized paint smocks.

Supplies You'll Need
- Solid color t-shirts
- Freezer paper
- Iron
- Fabric paint in assorted colors
- Stamping tools
- Kids paint brushes

Before beginning the project, collect the t-shirts and iron a piece of freezer paper (shiny side up) to the inside of the front panel. This will prevent the fabric from wrinkling during painting as well as prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back of the t-shirt. Provide your students with an assortment of brushes and stamping tools. These could include actual stamping kits purchased at your local craft or online teacher supply store, or various items found around the classroom including empty spools, cups, etc. Set out shallow bowls of paint and invite them to go to town creating their very own paint smocks! If fabric paint and stamps feel too ambitious for your class, you can get the same effects with Crayola® fabric markers. This craft will start the year off with a bang and provide a very practical addition to your art cabinet!

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