Exploring Seuss Juice - Fun Lesson with FREE Printables!

Can you believe that it’s almost March?! March is one of our favorite months because we get to pull out all of our favorite Dr. Seuss activities to celebrate his birthday and Read Across America!

Dr. Seuss Science Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com

Along with activities for all of our favorite Seuss titles, we also ran across some other great Seuss-inspired activities that we know your kinders will love! Here's one of our favorites - and it's no surprise that it comes from Cara Carroll over at The First Grade Parade! Mixing Hawaiian punch and Sprite, she brilliantly created "Seuss Juice" for her class party and, of course, she couldn't just leave it at that. Since everything is can be learning experience, she created several great printables to help her students explore the delicious mixture - first, inviting her kiddos to observe and describe the juice using their five senses and, after that, encouraging them to use their observations to write directions on how to make Seuss Juice!

The best part is she provides the printables for FREE over at her blog - along with an optional addition to the punch mixture - so be sure to visit The First Grade Parade for the details!