Exercising for Heart Health

Valentine's Day Heart Health Game Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.makeandtakes.com

Since hearts are the name of the game on Valentine's Day, the holiday creates a unique opportunity to talk with your kinders about heart health. We love this workout game created by Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes and think it would be a fun way to remind your kiddos that we need to exercise in order keep our hearts healthy, as well as dispel some of the winter "blahs" and help your kinders get some of their "wiggles" out!

Simply invite a student volunteer to toss a beanbag onto the exercise mat to select an exercise and draw a number card, then do the activity as a class. This could be a great transition activity or a way to "wake up" your kinders when they're having a hard time concentrating.

For directions on making the homemade heart bean bag and suggestions on creating your own exercise game mat, be sure to visit Make and Takes!