End of the Year Writing Projects

Writing and Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.eduperry.com

Brooke Perry, first grade teacher and creator of the site, Primary Perspective, recently shared several wonderful end of the year writing projects that we thought your kinders would enjoy!

The Very Hungry Kindergartners. Modeled after Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, invite your kiddos to craft their own adventure! When finished have your students copy the text onto the appropriate page and illustrate, or provide them with premade book pages like the examples at Primary Perspective. This activity is great for reviewing the days of week, numbers, and food vocabulary, as well as practicing writing in a particular style. Be sure to visit the original post for page examples!

The Pigeon Munches... To help her students review the months of the year, Brooke had her students write and illustrate a classroom book modeled after Mo Willems' The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog. Students were invited to finish this prompt, "In ___________ [insert month of the year], the pigeon finds a/an ___________" for an assigned month of the year. Your kiddos will have a great time imagining what the pigeon could have found during his/her adventures! Be sure to check out the original post for page examples! [NOTE: For extra writing practice and month review, you might also consider having students create individual books.]

These classroom books are just two of the examples - you'll find more great end of the year writing projects at Primary Perspective!