End of the Year ABC Countdown Calendar

End of the Year Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: primarygraffiti.com

As the end of the school year draws near, we can only imagine that you're on the lookout for fun and unique lessons to help you and your antsy kiddos make it to the finish line! We stumbled across this idea over at Primary Graffiti and thought it might make a nice addition to your lesson plans. While you can certainly create your own, Cheryl's ABC countdown offers a great starting point for putting together your own list of celebratory activities - one for each letter of the alphabet! Art, games, pajama day; not only will your kiddos have summer to look forward to, they'll also have something special to look forward to each day as the year comes to an end!

To see Cheryl's full ABC countdown, be sure to visit Primary Graffiti!