Election Day Lesson: Cookie Monster

cookie monster sipping milk and eating chocolate chip cookies

November 2nd is election day as well as Cookie Monster's birthday. Linda Downs, contributor to HotChalk® Lesson Plans Page, suggests combining the two events for some educational fun!

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn about forming opinions.
  • Participate in aspects of the campaign process.
  • Learn about the importance of voting and voicing your opinion.
  • Learn about and participate in the voting process.

Downs suggests beginning the lesson by introducing the 'candidates' - one Mr. Chips Ahoy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie, one Mr. Oreo Cookie, and one Mrs. Nutter Butter Cookie. Each candidate will be put through several rigorous 'tests' in order for students to determine which, in their opinion, is the best - the taste test, the milk test, the attribute test, and the crumb test. [NOTE: Be sure to check student allergies before committing to this exercise. You may need to revise 'candidates' and even 'tests' to accommodate these students!] Once each child has settled on their favorite candidate, Downs suggests grouping students by preference, inviting them to make 'campaign posters' and share with the class why they think this 'candidate' is the best. At the end of the day, hold an election. [Be sure to count the number of students in each preference group before the campaign process in order to compare it to the final tally at the close of voting. It will be interesting to see if any student changed their mind when presented with other student arguments.] Create a simple ballot featuring each candidate:

mock voting ballot featuring chips ahoy oreos and nutter butter as favorite snack cookie candidatesYou might also consider creating a fun voting area in the classroom to give students a 'real' voting experience. We like these exciting crafts designed by Amanda Formaro at Kaboose!

voting booth ballot box and future voter button
Photo Source: holidays.kaboose.com

Be sure to visit Downs full lesson plan post for a list of materials needed, in-depth lesson directions, exercise extensions, etc. Your preschoolers are sure to love this mock election - and are certain to learn about the importance of forming opinions and voting in the process!

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