Easy Quilted Mother's Day Card

Here's a great Mother's day craft to do with your students! Super simple, doesn't take a lot of preparation, and looks great!

Supplies You'll Need

- Cardboard or white card stock
- Recycled papers
- Scissors for kids
- Glue sticks
- Craft trimmings (e.g. ribbon or lace)

  1. To keep things uniform, prepare paper squares ahead of time. These can be any size you want. For younger children, bigger squares will be easier to handle. Also, remember to keep in mind the size of the card. If working with a 3" x 5" or 5" x 7", you'll probably want to keep squares 1" x 1". A 4" x 6" card offers two options: 1" x 1" or 2" x 2".
  2. Instruct your children to use their glue stick to cover the entire front surface of the card with glue.
  3. While you may wish to discuss patterns and complimentary colors, it is also nice just to let children explore their own creativity. Demonstrate how to place the squares side-by-side onto the sticky paper.
  4. When completed, have each student bring their card to you to have the edges trimmed.
  5. Use ribbon or lace to tie a bow at the crease of the card.

Write a few messages on the board for your students to copy or help them come up with their own sentiment. A colorful card that mothers will love!

Crafts for kids on video Easy kids crafts: Quilted Paper Card - By my son

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