Easter Shake-Up - Math Center Activity

Easter Egg Carton Addition Kindergarten Math Center Lesson Plan
Photo Source: http://missmillersfirsties.blogspot.com

We found this fantastic spring/Easter math center activity at Miss. Miller's Firsties and thought, even though it was originally created for first graders, it could be adapted to meet the skill level of your kinders too!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Recycled egg carton
  • Crayola marker
  • Spring or Easter themed erasers
  • Recording sheet

How To Play

Use the markers to script a number to the bottom of each egg cup in the carton {you might also consider penning the numbers onto circle labeling stickers for easy adaptation}. Invite students to place two erasers into the egg carton, close the lid, then shake the carton around. They'll be able to hear the erasers rattling around in the carton. Upon opening the carton, have students record the number each eraser landed on and find the sum. Provide a bowl of extra erasers for counting help/practice, or design a recording sheet with a place to show work {i.e. write and count tally marks} like the one below.

Easter Counting and Addition Kindergarten Math Worksheet
Example Recording Sheet

Continue to adapt the game {using larger numbers, including both addition and subtraction, etc.} to provide your kinders with a challenge! This math center is easy to make, so you can design one for each season/unit of study, and your students are sure to love it!

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