Easter Science Center Ideas

Spring Easter Kindergarten Science Lesson
Photo Source: http://www.mrsbeggskindergarten.com

As you prepare for Easter, here are a few science center ideas you might consider using! With a little instruction, your kiddos will be on their way to discovering new concepts and completing some cute projects as they go!

Chromatic Creations

In Mrs. Beggs' kindergarten classroom, students explore color, saturation, and absorption with coffee filters and markers. Since your kiddos will be folding the paper to complete the activity, consider throwing in a lesson/some practical experience with symmetry or even color theory {cool colors, warm colors, etc.}.

Animals & Eggs

At Kinderpond, Jessica's kindergartners explore animals and eggs through several science center activities:

  • Provided with actual pictures of the eggs laid by different animals {i.e. chicken, ostrich, platypus, turtle, robin, etc.} as well as animal cards, Jessica invited her students to match the eggs to their source.
  • Jessica's students practiced problem solving and sorting skills by classifying animals cards by whether they do/do not lay eggs. [Activity Alternatives: Place a magnet on the back of each animal card and invite your students to complete the activity at the white board, provide construction paper sorting mats on which you kinders can place the animal cards, or provide a columned recording sheet with cut and glue animal 'cards'.]

These ideas are simple, but offer a fantastic scientific connection for spring and Easter!