Easter Fun - Guess What's in the Egg!

Easter Problem Solving Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo ©2007 Jennifer Murawski, Flickr

Get your kiddos' analytical minds into high gear with this fun Easter themed problem solving activity! Not only will it provide an opportunity for your students to use their powers of observation, it's also a fun way for your students to get their families in on the fun! Here's the idea...

  1. Send home a plastic Easter egg and a note, inviting parents to help their child a) choose something to put in the egg and b) write several clues (3+) about what is inside the egg.
  2. Have students present their egg to the class, one at a time, reading off the clues.
  3. Have students pass around their egg and, based on the clues as well as their observations (i.e. what it sounds like when you shake it, the weight of the egg, etc.), have them invite their classmates to guess what they think is in the egg!

The project is simple and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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