Easter Egg Math

Easter Math Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: room-mom101.blogspot.com

This math center activity from Allison of Room Mom 101 is not only great because it's simple and inexpensive to put together, but will also help your kiddos practice shape recognition, numeral recognition, and counting! All you need is a package of plastic Easter eggs and a permanent marker, and you'll be able to create your own colorful center for Easter/spring!

This, of course, doesn't just work for shapes and counting. You could also incorporate simple addition/subtraction, tally mark counting/grouping, number word recognition, etc. depending upon your learning goals!

A few notes...

  • We love how Allison did not make color matches! Because of this students had to actually pay attention to what was on the egg in order to create the appropriate matches.
  • For extra practice, consider putting all the egg pieces in a brown paper bag, inviting your kiddos to pull out a piece and, on your mark, race to find the classmate holding the match to their egg!

For the full lesson details - and lots of other great lesson ideas/resources - be sure to visit Room Mom 101!