Easter Egg Frog Craft for Leap Day!

Leap Day Frog Themed Kids Craft and Lesson Plan for Kids
Photo Source: www.craftynoodle.com

We think this recycled Easter egg craft from the creators of CraftyNoodle is simply adorable and would be perfect for Leap Day next Wednesday!

Supplies You'll Need

You might consider incorporating this fun craft {be sure to visit the full tutorial at CraftyNoodle} with a lesson on frogs in honor of Leap Day. For example... Show students pictures of the vibrant dart poison frogs of Central and South America and have them attempt to recreate their favorite variation - blue, green and black, golden, red, yellow, etc. Perhaps, since you will be limited to the colors allowed by your Easter egg collection, instead of recreating a known frog variation, invite your kiddos to study the common traits and attempt to create a new variation with the dots, bands, and vibrant color combinations associated with dart poison frogs.

[NOTE: For some great pictures of dart poison frogs, visit the American Museum of Natural History.]

Click here to view the suggested products for this craft! And don't forget to head on over to CraftyNoodle for the full project tutorial!