"Double Trouble" Foam Shape Matching Exercise

Shape Matching Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.walkingbytheway.com

Whether you're attempting to work with a small group of students and need something to occupy your remaining students' attention or need a quiet exercise for your kiddos to complete during free time {or even between activities when they finish early!}, this shape matching activity from Ami at Walking by the Way is sure to keep your preschoolers' attention. The best feature, it fits neatly into a Ziploc bag, ready to be stored for future use!

While simple, this exercise does take preparation. For a full list of supplies, printable exercise grids, and directions, be sure to visit Ami's full post! Your kiddos are certain to find this activity both exciting and challenging, and as they complete the two-part process {identifying and finding first the bottom shape and then the top}, they will sharpen visual discrimination, practice shape and color recognition, and strengthen fine motor skills.

Activity Extension

Once your students have had practice with this exercise, consider altering the activity for extra use...

  • Add a third element, scripting a number or letter onto the top shape for an extra matching challenge.
  • Create an interactive emergent reader or activity mats that will help your preschoolers practice shape and color word recognition. Include a description of each 'compound shape' {i.e. "Small green circle on a large pink triangle"} and half of a Velcro dot on each page/mat. Place the second half of the Velcro dot onto the back of each shape card {shape cards can be created by cutting the original exercise grid apart}. To complete the activity, invite your students to use the written clues to match the shape cards to their correct page in the reader or activity mat.