DIY - Upcycled Windchime

Recycled Windchim Kids Craft
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These upcycled windchimes from Hands On: As We Grow is a wonderful way to recycle household waste items and create lovely outdoor music! What's great is, all the items you need can be found around the house, in your garage, or in your craft closet!

Supplies You'll Need


  • The sides of opened tin cans can be jagged. To prevent injury, use masking or painter's tape to cover the edges.
  • With painting and glitter, this project can get pretty messy {especially with younger artists!}. If working inside, be sure to cover the work space and floor with a tarp or newspaper to protect important surfaces and to make clean-up easier!
  • Have someone ready to assist students with the hammer and awl/nail. Safety is priority and you may just decide that this step should be handled fully by an adult.
  • Let your students have some time with the tin can 'instruments' before stringing them together. As Jamie points out, different sized cans make different noises and different sized washers create different sounds. Invite your kiddos to explore and compare!

Be sure to head on over to Hands On: As We Grow for the directions and lots of other early childhood activities!