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We love, love, LOVE this reading treat box idea from Tam at Sew Dang Cute Crafts (we found it via Kierste of Brown Paper Packages). We think it's a phenomenal way to get even the most reluctant readers to pick up a book! Here's the gist...

Tam decorated three book shaped boxes, stacking them on top of each other and labeling them "Today", "A Week", and "A Month". Each time her daughter reads a book, she gets to place a tally mark on the inside of the "Today" box - the lid is cutely painted with chalkboard paint - and select a small piece of candy from it. Once the lid contains seven tally marks (one for each day of the week), Tam allows her daughter to choose a piece of candy from the "Week" box and, if her daughter faithfully reads each day/night for four weeks, she is allowed to pick an even larger piece of candy from the "Month" box! In this case, reading really is a treat! =)

While this works fantastically for individual children, we think this could also work in a classroom setting. If each student completes their nightly reading, the class gets a tally mark and each child can choose a small piece of candy (i.e. a Starburst, a Hershey kiss, etc.). Because there is a reward involved {and because your students can help hold their classmates accountable for holding up their end of the bargain}, you might be surprised at how seriously your kiddos take this exercise. After accumulating seven tally marks, have students pick a slip of paper from the "Week" box that allows the class to do or receive something fun...

  • 15 extra minutes of recess
  • Play a favorite game
  • Bonus points
When your students accumulate 28 tally marks, have them select an even bigger prize...
  • Free ice cream with lunch in the cafeteria
  • Free homework pass
  • Special movie day
Consider coming up with enough prizes to cover each of the months you're in school - that way they'll always earn something different and fun!
We think this is a fantastic idea! Be sure to head on over to Brown Paper Packages for Tam's full guest post (and lots of awesome pictures)!!

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