DIY Pretend Play Recycling Center

DIY Earth Day Recycling Pretend Play Center and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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How fabulous is this pretend play recycling center put together by Hand­made Char­lotte?! Great for recycling awareness and practice in the wake of Earth Day, we love that this pretend play center provides a great way to expose your kiddos to the various items that can be recycled and hands-on sorting practice, as well as their own little workshop for repurposing the recycled pieces into useful items!

Cereal box jet packs. Juice box boats. Oatmeal can submarines. Bottle top bugs. Cardboard box cities and rocket ships. You name it! With recycled materials and access to items from the craft closet, we're sure your kiddos imaginations will run wild!

For tips on creating your own recycling center, be sure to visit Handmade Charlotte!