DIY - File Folder Guessing Game!

Science Guessing Game Preschool Lesson Plan
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Cultivate a thirst for learning, help your preschoolers learn how to ask the right questions, and teach your kiddos to be great observers and problem solvers with this fantastic guessing game from Maureen at StrongStart! All you need are a few simple supplies from your office supply closet and your magazine rack, and you're set to go!

How It Works...

Using file folders with magazine images glued inside and a small 'viewing window' on the outside {pictured above with directions at Maureen's full post}, students are given a sneak peek of each image and are invited to make an educated guess as to what the picture might be of. To encourage the scientific investigator in your curious kiddos, invite them to follow a simple procedure when attempting to deduce the answer:

  1. Record observations. What color is it? Does it appear to have a texture? Are there any 'unique' markings?
  2. Make and record a preliminary guess.
  3. Ask questions! Is the image of a living or nonliving thing? Is it an animal? Does it have any distinguishing characteristics? What is it used for? Where is it used? In what room {of the house} is it stored? Have them think of the traditional - who, what, where, when, how, and why - when coming up with questions to ask.
  4. Taking the new information into account, revise and record your new guess.
  5. If needed, ask for hints/clues.
  6. Make a final, educated guess.

Your naturally inquisitive preschoolers are sure to respond to this fantastic exercise! Be sure to visit StrongStart for the full write-up!