DIY February Sight Word Find

Valentine's Day Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We're a fan of write-the-room, but sometimes it's more conducive to the learning environment to have your kiddos remain in their seats. Check out this DIY sight word shaker created by Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade. It's simple to make and offers the perfect chance for your students to review focus words and develop handwriting skills.

Assembly is super simple; wash out a recycled juice bottle, fill it with dyed rice, and add slips of paper with focus sight/vocabulary words  printed on them. The idea is, as your students shake the bottle, they'll unearth the word scraps. As they do, invite them to print the words they find on a recording sheet. Your students' goal is to find all the words and fill in all the blanks!

Denise's activity is a little different. For her variation of the activity, be sure to visit Sunny Days in Second Grade!

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