DIY Butterfly Counting Cards

Spring Butterfly Counting Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: Annette Bloomfield

Fine motor skills. Numeral recognition. Counting. One to one correspondence. These DIY butterfly counting cards created by Annette Bloomfield are sure to be a great addition to your spring and/or insect unit math centers! Simple to create, all you'll need are...

  • Butterfly cutouts (purchased or created using a black and white clip art image and colored card stock)
  • Colorful circle adhesive labels
  • Permanent marker
  • Wooden spring clothespins (try a mixture of sizes!)

Print a numeral in the center of each butterfly cutout, add the appropriate number of circle stickers to the outside edge of each shape, and laminate for durability. Easy peasy!

For this and lots of other great lesson ideas, be sure to visit Annette's Pinterest boards!

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