DIY Alphabet Posters

DIY Alphabet Posters and Preschool Lesson Plan
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We found this cute idea from Ashlee of It's a Preschool Party while perusing Pinterest and thought we'd pass it along! It'll take a bit of work, brainstorming a list of words and finding clip art images to go along with them, but it's a great way to help your kiddos review the alphabet and beginning letter sounds! 

As an extension to the activity and for a more interactive alphabet review that your students can do independently, consider using the same clip art images to create picture cards as well as letter shaped posters. Mount the posters at student height on a wall {or set out on a flat surface} and place the cards picture cards in a bin. Then, invite your kiddos to play by selecting a card and attaching it to the appropriate letter poster. Familiarizing themselves with the alphabet posters during circle time will make this activity a snap!