Cute Student Gift - Memory Pillow Cases

End-of-the-Year Gift for Students and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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If you're looking for a unique and fun end-of-the-year gift for your kinders, check out this adorable memory pillow case from Linda Critchell over at Kinderteacher! Not only does the gift have practical purposes, it also makes for a colorful keepsake! We definitely suggest enlisting the help of parent volunteers and teacher assistants when tackling this project, but are certain that the time spent creating this gift will be well worth it.

Also, here's something really cool - if you love the idea, but aren't sure if you have the time to put into scripting the poem onto all of the cases, Linda actually sells the pillow cases with customized poems on her site! Once received, all you would need to do is have your students add their hand prints and write their name next to it.

For more information and a look at the pillow case - both front and back - be sure to visit Kinderteacher!