Cupid's Post Office Pretend Play Center

Valentine's Day Pretend Play and Kids Activities
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We can't get over how incredibly detailed and adorable this "Cupid's Post Office" pretend play/party theme featured at Kara's Party Ideas is! Wouldn't it be great as a Valentine's Day class party station or February center? Stocked with post cards, cards/envelopes, fun gel pens, stickers, stamps, and more - we know your kiddos will have a blast writing messages to their classmates and delivering them to their mailboxes!

What we love...

  • The presentation is obviously a huge draw. How much more inviting can you make printing practice?! The festive colors, cutesy printables, and hand-made elements - we think it turned out fabulously! 
  • Along with the blank postcards/cards, there were also Valentine's Day themed writing prompts that students could fill out - i.e. "5 Things I Love About You!", "You are special because...", etc. For older students, you might consider having them practice with adjectives/poetry, creating acrostic poem valentines from their classmates' names.

For the full description of the Cupid's Post Office pretend play/party theme, be sure to visit Kara's Party Ideas!

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