Cupcake Tin Grid Games

Fine Motor Skill and Math Counting Game Preschool Lesson Plan
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We've talked about grid games before, but we just stumbled across a fun variation of the game and thought we'd pass it along! This awesome idea comes from Michelle, creator of the blog, A Mommy's Adventures, and featured contributor at Totally Tots.

Instead of playing with a game mat, provide your kiddos with a cupcake tin or mini muffin tin and some manipulatives {i.e. candy, craft puffs, coins, etc}. As students roll the die, have them count out the same number of manipulatives and place them in the sections of the tin. The first player to fill their tin, wins! This is a fantastic way to teach 1:1 correspondence, practice counting skills, and build fine motor coordination!

For some fun extensions and a free printable for this activity, be sure to visit Totally Tots!