Creating Texture Collages - Sensory Activity

Sensory Collage Activity

Young children are oriented toward sensory experiences, learning about and ordering the world around them by touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling. Providing your kiddos with opportunities for sensory exploration and play is not only fun and speaks to the way they learn, it also contributes to brain development.

This super fun sensory collage activity comes from the pre-k classroom at All About Children childcare center and offers a great opportunity for your students to explore their sense of touch!

Activity preparation...

Collect items that represent a variety of different textures. For example,

  • Cotton balls = soft
  • Sand paper = rough
  • Etcetera

Texture Collage Sensory Activity

For this activity, the teachers at All About Children included white Easter grass, printer paper with fabric spray on one side, pipe cleaners, minky fabric, felt, cotton balls, feathers, pine cones, dried beans, and sand paper!

Completing the activity...

  • Start out as a group. After introducing the concept of texture and how we use our sense of touch, pass samples of each item around, inviting students to note how each feels as well as compare the different textures.
  • Creating A Sensory Collage

  • Back at their seats, provide students with a sheet of paper, glue, and samples of the items, inviting them to create a texture collage!

Finished Sensory Collages