Creating Mental Images & Successful Readers

Effective readers create vivid images, even 'films', in their minds as they read. Teach your kindergartners how to cultivate this skill using these fantastic exercises from Deanna Jump, kindergarten teacher and creator of the site, Mrs. Jump's Class.

cultivating mental images kindergarten lesson plan
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Mental Images: Before & After

Select a poem that inspires vivid imagery. Read your students part of the poem, leaving out the last couple of lines, then invite your kindergartners to draw their most intense mental image. With this exercise completed, reread the poem, this time include the missing lines. Have your students complete the exercise once again. When mounted side-by-side, the images can be quite telling.

creating mental images kindergarten reading lesson plan
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Mental Images: Plot, Characters, & More

Select a story that weaves a vivid tale. Read it to your students, choosing an element for them to focus on - a character, part of the plot, the setting, etc. After story time, invite your students to recreate their most intense mental image (as related to the element chosen). Have them provide 'evidence' from the story to back up their picture. This exercise will help your students cultivate the skill of creating mental images, as well as build their writing skills.

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