Creating Gardens from Recycled Material

spring garden craft made of recycled materials
Photo Source: Laugh, Paint, Create!

In honor of the new spring blooms that are likely to begin popping up now that it's spring, try this earth-friendly project we discovered at Laugh, Paint, Create! Students will love 'cultivating' their gardens of recycled flowers and plants!

Supplies You'll Need

Erin, creator of the blog and designer of the project, suggests having a brainstorming session before beginning the project, inviting students to think about all the things they might find in a garden {flowers, vines, earthworms, bugs, butterflies, a fence, gardening tools, etc.} Then, armed with their recycling bin materials, invite your students to create away!


  • Add dimension to flowers by creating layers of different types of materials {cardboard boxes, magazine pages, etc.} and ending with a fun bottle cap or top.
  • The heads of plastic spoons look strikingly similar to flower petals - invite your students to attempt a plastic spoon 'flower'.
  • Demonstrate how to cut a plastic cup to make a flower shape like these at Family Corner.
  • Not all flower petals, leaves, plants, etc. are the same shape so invite your students to incorporate several different types {five petal flowers, six petal flowers, pointed leaves, curved leaves, etc.}

laughpaintcreate: Recycled Gardens

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