Creating ABC Charts

Alphabet Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan

ABC charts make a great addition to any preschool literacy center. Simply provide students with sheets of paper to tape together, a long strip of bulletin board paper, or a piece of poster board along with some letter tiles to paste along the bottom and let the fun begin! Using their knowledge of the alphabet and beginning letter sounds, your kiddos will have a blast searching throughout the classroom {or a prepared bin of objects} to find an item that starts with each letter on their chart.

Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
Left to right: magnet, noodles, oatmeal, pen, quarter, ruler, straw, toothpick.

Other Considerations...

  • Have students script the letters at the bottom of the page instead of providing letter tiles. Great for more advanced learners.
  • Script the letters of the alphabet along the bottom of the chart, inviting students to match their letter tiles to the correct place on the mat. Great for beginning learners.