Creating a Gorgeous - Pop-Up Adventure Playground

Summer Outdoor Kids Craft
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Searching for exciting {and unique!} activities to do outdoors this summer, we ran across this fantastic idea at Pop-Up Adventure Play - children creating their own artistic play land!

Supplies You'll Need

In an effort to keep this project as 'undirected' as possible, set up the clothesline, hang materials, and set out paints ahead of time. As they wander out, you're kiddos will be shocked and awed by the transformation that has taken place in your backyard, school yard, or playground; a blank canvas just begging for some color and imagination. What's sure to bring even more amazement is that soon you'll discover tents, and forts, and kitchens, and colorful pictures beginning to emerge unprompted as students begin to design their part of the 'set' for the day's play.