Creating A Classroom Graphing Center

Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Graphing centers are a brilliant way for students to learn about collecting, organizing, and interpreting data. They can also be a great way to help your students get to know each other throughout the year! Colleen Gallagher of Teaching Heart sets up a new graphing center each week, inviting students to answer all kinds of different questions...

  • Which hand do you write with?
  • How many letters are in your last name?
  • Which Fairytale is your favorite?

Using a simple bulletin board, pocket chart, or easel and chart paper, for each center, Colleen creates a unique question header, an icon/image card for each choice, cards for students to use when answering/casting their 'vote', and a wrap-up worksheet for students to complete independently once all of their classmates have had a chance to contribute to the graph. At the end of the week, the class gathers to discuss their findings. While it may take some effort to create the various centers, your kiddos are sure to have a blast completing them!

Be sure to visit Teaching Heart for more great tips on creating your own graphing center!