Counting Hippopotamus Teeth!

Dental Health Month and Counting Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Adorable for dental health month {...yes, dental health month is February, but we didn't want to forget to feature this super cute math center!} or any other time of year, this hippopotamus numeral recognition and counting activity from Beth over at From The Hive is sure to be a hit with the kiddos! The concept is simple - provide your kiddos with a hippo game board, a basket of mini marshmallows, and a numbered die. Invite them to take turns rolling the die, identifying the numeral presented, and counting out the appropriate number of 'hippo teeth' to put on their game board. The first player to fill up the hippo's mouth, wins!

Along with this exercise, Beth offers tons of great activities to go with your dental health unit! Be sure to visit From The Hive for all of her fabulous suggestions!