Contellations & Planets - Fun Space Day Activities

Pleiades Star Cluster
photo © 2007 Nick Ares | more info (via: Wylio)

We found these fantastic space activities at the site, To The Stars And Back, a collaborative project undertaken by four university students attempting to integrate space and language arts. Here are two of our favorite projects that would be perfect for the writing center!

Creating New Constellations

After showing your kinders pictures of constellations and regaling them with stories of how they came to be, provide your students with some black construction paper, silver star stickers, and white chalk, inviting them to create and name a new constellation. When finished, have them write a few sentences about the origin of their group of stars.

Postcards from Pluto

To go along with your lessons about our solar system and the unique planets that make it up, invite your kinders to imagine what it would be like to live or take a vacation on their favorite planet. Provide them with a 4” x 6” blank index card, having them decorate the front with what they imagine the planet {their home or vacation spot} would look like and, on the other side, write a quick message to friends or family back on Earth, incorporating details they've learned about the planet.