Construction Unit - Building From A Blueprint

Construction Unit Craftivity and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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So far in the unit, your kiddos have brainstormed how to build a house {building}, have stepped into the shoes of an architect to draw and design their own structure, and now, they'll get a chance to BUILD -- and what's perfect, your kiddos already have a model to work from!

Ready, Set, BUILD!

Working from their project folders, have your kiddos make their buildings into reality. Set out the selection of recycled materials and invite your students to pick out the items featured in their design gallery. Then, armed with scissors, tape, craft glue, and their drawing, invite them to use the materials to replicate their proposed building! There will, of course, be artistic liberties, but see which students take the project to heart and really try to recreate their sketch!

We know this will be a fun exercise - promoting problem solving, following directions, and creativity!