Confetti Popper Rockets For The Fourth

These confetti popper rockets from Brenda Ponnay at Alphamom are sure to be a hit at your 4th of July celebrations this year! Not only do they provide festive decorations, they're interactive, safe, and fun for the kids!

Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled toilet paper or paper towel rolls
- Patriotic crafting paper
- Card stock
- Art tissue paper (in red, white, and/or blue)
- Ribbon (in red, white, and blue)
- Glitter glue pens, stickers, markers, etc. for decoration
- Confetti
- String
- Craft needle
- Craft glue
- Beads
- Tape
- Kids craft scissors
- Stapler
- Paper punch

In preparation for the craft, cut small squares from the art tissue paper (big enough to cover the end of the recycled tube), as well as pieces of string measuring approximately two and one-half inches each. Additionally, trace the end of your recycled rocket tube onto a piece of card stock and make circle cut outs. You'll need enough of these prefabricated supplies for each of the children completing the craft. To Assemble The Confetti Popper Rocket:

  1. Place a small dab of glue onto the prefabricated card stock circle and adhere it to the center of the pre-cut tissue paper square.
  2. Thread the pre-cut string onto the craft needle (don't worry about lining up the ends, just thread the string far enough to make it through the paper). At the end furthest from the craft needle, tie a pony bead to create a large "knot". CAUTION: An adult should assist at this step. In the wrong hands, needles can be dangerous.
  3. Push the needle through the center of the circle (now attached to the tissue paper) and pull the string through until the bead is flush with the card stock. Remove the needle from the string and return it to a safe place. CAUTION: An adult should assist at this step. In the wrong hands, needles can be dangerous.
  4. Place a small line of glue on the outside edge of the tube and adhere the tissue paper (bead-side in) to the roll. Now all you should be able to see is the string, or "fuse", hanging from the toilet paper roll. If you wish, add a card stock star or circle to the end of the string to create a pull tab. Set aside to dry.
  5. Cut a piece of patriotic crafting paper to the dimensions of the tube and glue or tape it to the roll. For a more festive appearance, cut pieces of patriotic ribbon and tape them to the bottom of the paper before adhering it to the roll. This will make it look like the rockets are taking off or just provide extra decorative flair.
  6. Fill the open top of the tube with homemade or store-bought confetti.
  7. Cut a circle from crafting paper, use scissors to create a slit from edge to center, then fold the flap over and glue to create a cone shape. Use scissors to cut the tip so there is a small hole at the top.
  8. Punch two holes on the top edge of the rocket (across from each other). Thread a piece of string through the holes and, at the top where the two ends meet, thread a bead for support. Attach the top of the rocket (the cone) by threading the two ends of the string through the small hole at the top of the cone.
  9. Attach the string to a sturdy place and get ready for an "explosion"!

A great craft that is sure to help make some festive memories!

Make your own Fourth of July Confetti Popper Rockets! | Alphamom

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